The Grass Week: prioritising supply for spring period is the objective
Martin Merrick
Wet weather conditions have caused an abrupt end to grazing for many, with the focus now on trying to set the farm up for spring 2024.
18 October 2023 Grass & feeding
Growth and utilisation plummet as wet weather hits full force
The last few days rainfall has called a halt to grazing on most farms, with torrential rain set to call an end to the grazing season for some.
14 October 2023 Management
Time to put autumn grazing plans in motion
Mid-season lambing flocks have a few weeks before the first paddocks for grazing next spring will be closed, but flocks lambing earlier need to put plans in motion.
Five tips to improve grass utilisation in autumn grazing
Getting good utilisation in autumn grazing can be tricky. Outlined are five tips to get the most from grass as the grazing season moves into its final few weeks.
9 September 2023 Management
Dairy Management: grass, culling cows and key dates
Aidan Brennan says farmers should be taking advantage of the good growth to get well set up for autumn grazing.
6 September 2023 Management