Scheme update reminder: BEEP-S FEC samples must be submitted by 3 October
Darren Carty
Farmers in the Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme – Sucklers (BEEP-S) need to act quickly if faecal egg count samples have not been submitted.
30 September 2022 News
IFA calls for BEEP-S and sheep welfare testing flexibility
Deadline extensions to BEEP-S and the Sheep Welfare Scheme testing measures are being sought.
28 September 2022 Management
Avoiding BEEP penalties this autumn
Adam Woods takes a look at what farmers need to do to guarantee this year’s BEEP payment.
New beef scheme to pay €90/cow
Amy Forde and Adam Woods report on the new €28m beef scheme announced in Budget 2023.
28 September 2022 News
Devil in the detail as autumn breeding starts
Adam Woods previews this week’s special autumn breeding focus.
28 September 2022 Winter AI
Over 330 BEEP-S weight inspections on farmers last year
The Department of Agriculture said the weights submitted so far under BEEP-S this year are being reviewed for "significant deviations" from expected weights.
17 September 2022 News
Grass+ Beef: making the most of remaining grass supply
At this stage beef farms are looking at making the most of the grass that is on farm with the closing date for spreading fertiliser now past.
14 September 2022 Grass & feeding
ICBF hits over 3m beef weight records
A huge amount of data comes out of cattle weighing schemes to further the accuracy of breeding indexes.
7 September 2022 Dealer
Banking your BEEP-S payment
Adam Woods takes a look at what farmers need to do to guarantee this year’s BEEP-S payment.
24 August 2022 Grass & feeding
Farmers 95% compliant with BEEP-S weighing
One in 20 farmers who applied for funding under the BEEP-S scheme did not receive payment due to non-compliances with the scheme conditions.
23 August 2022 News
Weight gain key to high performance on Tullamore Farm
Adam Woods takes a look at weaning weights on Tullamore Farm over the last few years and how the weights compare to the national average.
20 July 2022 Breeding & health
Tullamore Farm: the story so far
Adam Woods takes a look at what the Tullamore Farm project is all about and what visitors can expect to see on the day.
20 July 2022 Breeding & health