Northern Ireland
Northern View: tight cattle numbers keeps trade steady
David Wright
Prices paid for prime cattle in NI are largely unchanged from the previous week.
10 August 2022 Markets
Beef Trends: quotes unchanged despite processor pressure
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade, including factory quotes for finished stock.
3 August 2022 Markets
NI Trends: cattle prices settle as supplies remain tight; lamb prices slump
Finished cattle prices have steadied in Northern Ireland after recent pressure, but the lamb trade has plummeted with major price cuts.
NI Trends: beef finishers resisting price cuts; lamb prices down 25p/kg
Beef finishers in Northern Ireland are digging in and unwilling to accept price cuts on prime cattle. Lambs continue to face price pressure, with quotes down 25p/kg.
27 July 2022 Markets
NI processors cut quotes for fat lambs
Factory quotes for lambs are down this week as processors look to take control of the trade
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
NI Trends: processors keeping a lid on cattle trade; big cuts to lamb prices
The beef trade in Northern Ireland is relatively steady, although processors are managing to control prices. Lambs have come under major pressure with big cuts.
20 July 2022 Markets
Dairy and meat index increase
Lower cereal prices mean a drop in the overall food price index for June but dairy and meat increases continue
13 July 2022 News
British beef prices edging upwards
Beef prices in Britain have moved ahead of those being paid at plants in NI.
13 July 2022 Northern Ireland
NI trends: cattle prices holding firm despite factory pressure; lamb prices ease
Beef prices in Northern Ireland are holding firm but processors continue to apply pressure to quotes. Lambs have eased as demand slows.
13 July 2022 Markets
Beef finishers resist further price pressure
Adam Woods has the latest on this week’s beef trade including the latest quotes available for finished stock.
11 July 2022 Markets
Editorial: is Teagasc beef message aligned to emission reduction targets?
One of the core messages from Teagasc to the majority of suckler and beef farmers is to effectively double their stocking rate.
6 July 2022 Viewpoints
Farmers at Beef 2022: ‘No cure’ when bitten with the beef cattle disease
Beef farmers have express varying views on where the future of the beef industry lies. Rachel Donovan was at Beef 2022 to gather their thoughts.
6 July 2022 News