Opportunities in Angus
Shane Murphy
Continuing on from last year’s success, organisers confirmed an even more jam-packed three days in the Irish Angus exhibition centre.
15 February 2017 World
Dawn Meats beefs up its French factories
The three-year modernisation plan launched when Dawn Meats acquired half of French beef processor Elivia is beginning to show results.
30 November 2016 International
Zambeef delivers record profits in 2016
A sharp increase in chilled beef and animal feed volumes saw the London-listed company report record profits.
What future in winter finishing?
At the very least every farmer should establish the breakeven price for their system.
2 November 2016 Editorial
Irish get access to US manufacturing beef
Ireland has become the first EU country to get access to the United States manufacturing beef trade.
6 July 2016 News
Northern Ireland butcher to judge best steak in the world
Entries are open for the World Steak Challenge, with Co Down presiding judge George McCartney looking forward to the competition despite the “sore jaws at the end of the day”.
22 May 2016 News
Letter re meat factories manipulating beef grid.
"A much more fundamental question is whether there is any future for the continental suckler cow?" - Edmond Phelan, ICSA Beef Chairman.
23 March 2016 Letters
Bull systems outperform store systems in 2015
Nathan Tuffy looks at the performance of the farmers in store and under-20 month bull systems.
24 February 2016 Management
Kerry Macra lobbies TDs ahead of election
Issues affecting young farmers such as land availability, access to credit, training and education were addressed at Kerry's YFDG lobbying night.
3 February 2016 Community
Beef carcase dressing
Scrutiny of factory carcase dressing is an ongoing issue, Phelim O’Neill looks at how it should be done.
27 January 2016 News
2015 review: July harvest sputters on as milk prices drop
Nobody could have predicted this year’s bumper harvest when combine drivers aimed between showers in July. Meanwhile, our factory leagues put the spotlight on commodity prices in volatile markets.
27 December 2015 News
Irish beef processors performance January-June 2015
We publish tables showing the positions of factories on a selection of grades for steers, heifers, young bulls and cows.
15 July 2015 News