ICSA suckler chair resigns ahead of February elections
Barry Murphy
The ICSA will hold an election to fill a number of leadership roles next month, including the suckler committee chair role now vacated by Gerard O’Brien.
30 November 2021 News
New beef forum must have 'power' to impact farm incomes – IFA
The IFA says it looks forward to engaging in the new beef forum, but will be doing so on the basis that the group will be in a position to make a difference for suckler and beef farmers’ incomes.
29 November 2021 News
Lessons must be learned from beef taskforce failures - ICSA
The taskforce did not have the power to compel processors or retailers to co-operate with any of the independent reports it undertook, says the ICSA.
Beef Market Taskforce to be wound up – Minister
"The beef taskforce has now satisfied its remit with all the finite actions concluded."
29 November 2021 News
Minister to decide on future of beef taskforce shortly
The taskforce was set up by his predecessor Michael Creed in response to issues raised during the beef protests of summer 2019.
25 October 2021 News
Calls for action on beef price drop
Farm groups have made calls for farmers to push back against an expected attempt by factories to pull beef prices.
14 August 2021 News
Priority must shift to beef regulator – ICSA
The organisation says that beef farmers need a mechanism that supports them.
21 July 2021 News