Instability in London highlights continued Brexit threat
The Dealer
The Dealer is not convinced that the demise of Boris Johnson will necessarily offer a positive outcome for Ireland.
27 June 2022 News
Weekly podcast: ACRES, foot and mouth and nitrates derogation
Get detail of a new agri-environmental scheme ACRES and what it might pay you, the latest on the Department’s silage scheme and the impact of a lowering of the nitrates derogation.
22 June 2022 News
Glanbia Co-op and Royal A-ware turn sod on €200m Belview cheese factory
The joint venture between Glanbia Co-op and international dairy producer Royal A-ware will see 50,000t of cheese produced annually from 2024.
Glanbia changes peak milk limits for 2022
The main change is that each individual milk supplier’s peak milk allocation for April, May and June of 2022 will be increased to their 2023 figure.
20 April 2022 News
Glanbia cheese plant to begin production for 2024 season
Glanbia Ireland has said that the two-year delay on the proposed cheese plant in Kilkenny had very negative impacts on farm families.
16 February 2022 News
Supreme Court dismisses An Taisce appeal over Glanbia plant
The Supreme Court has dismissed An Taisce’s appeal against the granting of planning for the construction of a cheese plant in Belview, Co Kilkenny.
16 February 2022 News