Fear and loathing in Athlone: scenes from the Green Party conference
Pat O'Toole
Will this weekend be a key date in the evolution of Irish farming? It may just be. For the people will have spoken, through the Citizen’s Assembly on Biodiversity.
23 November 2022 Feature
IFJ Junior: common crane conservation in Ireland’s bogs
Can the Common Crane make a big comeback now that its natural habitat bogs are being rewetted? Niamh Kelly reports.
10 November 2022 News
Allow peat moss to be extracted for mushroom and fruit growers – report
The report could not determine how much peat moss is currently in the State, as those in the peat sector refused to engage with its survey.
Bord na Móna to source biomethane
Chairperson of the Climate Change Advisory Council Marie Donnelly said that bioenergy will become an option for farmers to diversify away from livestock production.
12 October 2022 News
Former peat power station needs 1m tonnes of biomass
Bord na Móna’s power station at Edenderry is set to increase its intake of biomass to 1m tonnes, as the use of peat is due to stop in 2023.
11 October 2022 News
Bord na Móna a 'climate-solutions company'
Bord na Móna is now a “climate solutions company” rather than a peat-producing company.
17 August 2022 Dealer
Bord na Móna moves to plant trees on former bog
Currently around 4,700ha of Bord na Móna land is planted with conifer trees.
17 August 2022 Forestry