Farmer groups opposed to UFU TB levy
David Wright
The UFU proposal for a levy to help fund TB control isn’t going down well with all NI farmer groups.
17 January 2018 News
NI: £1 per head TB levy proposed
Farmers have suggested a levy across all cattle rather than cutting compensation for TB reactor animals.
29 November 2017 News
Farmers asked to pay for TB test
Proposals put forward by DAERA for consultation include farmers paying for one herd test each year.
Battle set to resume over TB compensation
Proposals due to go for public consultation would see a significant reduction in compensation paid for TB reactor cattle
22 November 2017 News
DAERA to consult on bovine TB plan
A consultation outlining DAERA's plan to eradicate bovine TB in NI is due out next month.
25 October 2017 News
Bovine TB reactors up 42% in 2017 in NI
There has been a big increase in the number of cattle removed as TB reactors in NI in the first six months of 2017.
23 August 2017 News
Statistics confirm two-year spike in bovine TB
The recent spike in bovine TB in NI is showing no signs of easing off as yet.
5 April 2017 News
TB reactors in NI at 10-year highs
The latest monthly bovine TB figures in NI show that the number of animals removed in NI during October 2016 was at a 10-year high.
11 January 2017 News
New plan to cut £1bn bovine TB cost
David Wright reports on the recommendations made by the TB Strategic Partnership Group aimed at eradicating bovine TB in NI.
21 December 2016 News
Difficult decisions lie ahead on bovine TB
A new strategy aimed at tackling bovine TB in NI is due to be launched next week
7 December 2016 News
TB reactors in NI at 12-year high
There has been a significant increase in the number of TB reactor animals removed from NI farms up to the end of May 2016.
24 August 2016 News
TB plans include sharing costs
An interim report into bovine TB in NI has made some radical suggestions as to how the disease must be tackled in NI.
1 July 2015 News