What is driving the rise in CAN price?
Eoin Lowry
Over the last six months, CAN prices on farm have increased on average €50/t.
31 January 2018 News
Further CAN price rises likely
Despite significant price rises already in place, CAN prices look set to rise further in the coming months.
10 January 2018 News
Small quantities of fertiliser moving
Merchants have quoted prices for both urea and CAN, but very small quantities are in place in merchants yards.
Fertiliser prices up €60/t on last year
A recent survey conducted by the IFA has shown a sharp increase in the price of fertiliser compared to this time last year.
20 December 2017 News
International nitrogen prices continue to increase
After a year of relatively low prices, fertiliser looks set to be much more expensive in 2018.
6 December 2017 Companies
Nitrogen prices surge €40/t
Increased gas prices blamed for large hike in nitrogen prices over recent months.
6 December 2017 News
Young farmers want the science to determine the future of glyphosate
Macra na Feirme president weighs in on glyphosate debate ahead of EU discussion
8 November 2017 Community
Transformation in the sheds
This week, a quiet corner of Co Wicklow witnesses a remarkable transformation
18 October 2017 Features
Weanling prices up €20 to €50/head on last year
In recent days, the mart trade has lifted slightly due to improved demand on the back of BPS payments being received by farmers.
18 October 2017 Markets
IFA news and activities this week
Payments support, small farms report. positive dairy market, Smart Farming success.
18 October 2017 Community
IFA proposes major reform of agricultural appeals office
IFA is proposing reforms to ensure a fully independent, fair and effective appeals system, with a new structure involving an independent board with independent members, including farmer nominees.
18 October 2017 Community
Analysis: Boortmalt's reasonable approach
Peter Nallen and Tom Bryan's presentation to the Oireachtas agricultural committee left one wondering why relations between them and farmers are often so difficult.
18 October 2017 News