The challenge facing Irish farmers.
Phelim O'Neill
Two separate conferences in Dublin last week highlighted the positive attributes of livestock proteins to society, but the commercial challenge to farmers remains.
17 August 2022 Viewpoints
Difficult lessons to be learned from outcome of climate debate
Farm organisations both at national and EU level along with the wider industry must now review and identify the flaws within their strategy.
3 August 2022 Viewpoints
Editorial: farmers deserve honesty and clarity in Government's climate plan
A so-called voluntary approach that forces change through regulation and negative subsidies must not be allowed absolve Government from the need to provide adequate funding support
A bad start to building farmer buy-in to carbon plan
The first day of the brave new world towards 2030 and lower-carbon farming will not have allayed farmer fears of a pincer movement.
3 August 2022 Dealer
'No clear pathway' to 25% emissions reduction
Emissions target a battle for rural businesses as well as farmers, farm organisations say.
The first major CAP reform
Phelim O'Neill speaks to Ray MacSharry, the commissioner who introduced direct payments to farmers instead of market supports.
27 July 2022 EU
Irish beef farming: what does the future look like?
Adam Woods previews the Tullamore Farm open day forum and how visitors to the open day can take part in the event.
20 July 2022 Management
Editorial: is Teagasc beef message aligned to emission reduction targets?
One of the core messages from Teagasc to the majority of suckler and beef farmers is to effectively double their stocking rate.
6 July 2022 Viewpoints
BEEF 2022: high stocking rate still key to profit
Adam Woods takes a look at some of the key messages from the main stands and asks some questions around the themes on the day.
6 July 2022 Management
Beef Management: flies, BDGP and Tullamore Farm Open Day
This week we take a look at increased fly activity on farms, BDGP tagging and a preview of the upcoming Tullamore Farm Beef and Sheep Open Day taking place on Tuesday 26 July.
6 July 2022 Management
Editorial: EU farmers the frontline defence in Putin’s food war
The 700m people in southeast Asia, the Middle East and north Africa that are already classed as undernourished will be the real victims.
29 June 2022 Viewpoints
ACRES scheme leaves farmers 'baffled'
Both the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association and the Irish Grain Growers Group express disappointment in the new ACRES scheme.
22 June 2022 News