Tax – saving and planning tips
As the tax returns deadline looms, now is a good time to consider tax planning.
18 October 2017 Opinion
Dempsey at Large: missing the core point of farm transfer
Farmland as an asset class is intrinsically different from an office block in Ballsbridge. To lump them in together is bizarre.
11 October 2017 News
Listen: no apologies for Budget 2018 from Minister Creed
Minister Michael Creed discusses Budget 2018 with the Irish Farmers Journal.
Legal query: €20,000 tax credit for child building house on farm
I am due to be gifted/inherit the family farm in the coming years. How will the site transfer affect this?
7 August 2017 Farm law
Money Mentor: Giving a gift to get it back
This week, Money Mentor Peter Young advises a couple on transferring assets to their children
14 June 2017 Features
Demand for entitlements is outstripping supply
Auctioneers report three-to-five fold demand for leased entitlements and as high as 10-fold demand for the sale of entitlements.
5 April 2017 Schemes
Thinking of retiring - what are the options?
Many couples in their 60s find themselves in a situation where their children have no desire to continue farming the family farm which means decisions have to be made for the future.
8 March 2017 Land Report 2016
Irish Farmers Journal breakfast bulletin: farmer faces Revenue bill of €830,000
Good morning. In the news today: all three banks have said their low-cost loan funds have been exhausted and the first of the 2017 Limousin society sales saw a top of €10,800 this week.
8 March 2017 News
Irish Farmers Journal nightly news: all low-cost loans exhausted
Have you missed out on any of the top stories today? Catch up with the top five stories from today, Tuesday 7 March.
7 March 2017 News
Glanbia co-op shareholders in line for €10,000 spin-out boost
As Glanbia co-op plans to spin out €100m worth of plc shares to farmers, Eoin Lowry takes a closer look at what it will mean to the average member.
1 March 2017 News
Model tenancy agreement developed for NI farms
A template tenancy agreement was presented to members of NI Rural Valuers’ Association last week. Peter McCann reports.
8 February 2017 News
Land Mobility Service: the conacre problem
Conacre has long been part of farming in Ireland but it is a poor land use mechanism.
8 February 2017 News