Tax relief for solar farms under review
Thomas Hubert
A Government report will suggest options for the tax applicable to farmers' land used to generate solar energy ahead of the next budget.
25 January 2017 Opinion
Dempsey at large: the place of farmers in the energy mix
Offshore wind in favourable conditions is now producing electricity at a cost of just 6c/kWh - only new solar installations can compete with that.
14 September 2016 Community
Young farmers need a Brexit-focused budget
Capital taxes and reliefs are top of the agenda for young farmers, with Macra calling for the introduction of a capital allowance system similar to the UK.
Planning for the future of your business
Morgan Carty looks at farm succession and talks to Declan McEvoy, head of tax at IFAC, for his expert advice.
24 August 2016 Management
What the budget changes mean for you
We provide a number of case studies to help you gauge what Tuesday's budgetary changes will mean to you.
14 October 2015 News
Budget 2015 - long term leasing the big winner in agri-taxation review
The main outcome of the agri taxation review has been to introduce a range of measures aimed at making leases of more than five years far more attractive than 11 month conacre.
30 November -0001 News
Fifty-three farmers on defaulters list
A total of 53 farmers have found themselves on the latest publication of the Revenue’s defaulters list.
30 November -0001 News
ICSA wants action on beef factory specs and a reduction in USC
The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association (ICSA) has outlined its proposals for budget 2017 to Minister Creed.
30 November -0001 News