BDGP queries: your questions answered
Adam Woods
Adam Woods answers some farmer questions on BDGP and what farmers have to do to guarantee their 2021 payment.
22 October 2021 News
How to understand and improve the carbon footprint of your farm
The carbon footprint takes account of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted per unit of food produced.
2 October 2021 Schemes
30 days to satisfy BDGP female replacement targets
The deadline of 31 October 2021 is fast approaching and farmers are advised to ensure their herd remains on target with the 50% reference figure.
Banking this year’s BDGP payment
Adam Woods discusses meeting the requirements of the 2021 BDGP scheme to guarantee payment this year.
29 September 2021 Pedigree
98% uptake of GLAS extension, BDGP uptake at approximately 50%
Details released by Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue show farmers in GLAS and the Organic Farming Scheme are keen to extend their contracts, while uptake in BDGP is relatively low to-date.
6 January 2021 Schemes
Farm Finance: BDGP payments of €37m paid to over 21,000 farmers
The timing and level of payment is running ahead of performance achieved in recent years.
16 December 2020 Schemes
Deadline to complete final BDGP carbon navigator
Farmers participating in the Beef Data and Genomics Programme must have the 2019 carbon navigator completed by 1 December.
30 November 2020 News
Timeline of 1 December for carbon navigator completion
The carbon navigator requires data to be submitted on housing dates, chemical and organic fertiliser use and the volume of concentrates fed in 2019.
18 November 2020 Schemes
D-day for BDGP female replacement targets
The deadline of 31 October 2020 seems to have been looming for quite some time given the high levels of discussions surrounding the targets in recent years and implications for potential penalties.
28 October 2020 Schemes
30 west Kerry farmers to pilot climate change solutions
The farmers are taking part in a €220,000 EU horizon 2020 scheme which will last three years.
20 October 2020 Schemes
Emphasis must be on reducing emissions per animal – IFA
The IFA has said that it was correct of the EU to set up an expert group, due to meet in the first half of 2021, to analyse the life cycle of methane emissions.
15 October 2020 News
Farmer wins appeal against Department on BDGP payments
The farmer had completed the surveys, genomic testing, carbon navigator and training as required under the BDGP scheme but the Department said he wouldn't be eligible for payment.
25 June 2020 News