Irish Horse
2018 BREEDING ADVICE: Pros and cons of modern breeding techniques
Equine veterinarian at Ballybrown Equine Clinic, Valerie Dromey goes through the pros and cons of commonly used assisted reproductive techniques in sport horse breeding
18 March 2015 Breeding
To Clone or not to Clone......
Following the news of the first cloned horses in Ireland in recent weeks, Emer Bermingham and Joanne Fox take a considered look at this new breeding technique
18 February 2015 Breeding
Cloning - a new era for Irish sport horse breeders
Now that Ireland has seen the first sport horse clones in the flesh, Joanne Fox asks are Irish breeders ready to embrace this new technology?
EU to vote on banning cloned meat products
The EU is set to vote on a proposal to ban cloning animals in food production on Wednesday 17 June.
30 November -0001 News
MEPs vote to extend clone ban to offspring
Environment & Agriculture MEPs have called on the Commission to extend a plan to ban the cloning of animals for food to their reproductive material, offspring and derived products.
30 November -0001 News