Condition-scoring suckler cows for indoor feeding
Kieran Mailey
Where suckler cows are currently housed, handle cows to monitor body condition and group them based on feed requirement.
14 September 2016 Grass & feeding
Four questions to consider as rain begins to spoil the autumn grass party
Jack Kennedy was with a group of farmers from all over Ireland last week to hear what they are doing to plan for autumn grazing.
2 December 2015 Breeding & health
Feeding for condition score rather than milk yield in Co Down
Conail Keown on how managing freshly calved cows differently to stale cows has huge benefits for costs and condition score.
Dry cow nutrition is vital for next year's productivity
From now until the cow calves again is a vital time for the proper nutritional management of the dry cows and will go a long way in determining if their next lactation is healthy and productive.
18 November 2015 AgriBusiness report
Dairy management notes
In some of the milk processor stands at last week’s National Ploughing Championships, there seemed to be a big push to milk cows this autumn and produce more milk into the winter
30 September 2015 Management
Dairy management notes
Calves that were dosed back in May with a long-acting worm dose will be due another dose in the coming weeks as the cover period of four months is coming to an end.
9 September 2015 Management
May is about measurement in Kilkenny as weekly decisions have big consequences
The month of May is important for breeding to ensure compact calving next February, Jack Kennedy reports.
Calving is in full flow down South
Grazing conditions are ideal so calved cows and maiden heifers are grazing full time, writes Jack Kennedy.
11 February 2015 Grass & feeding
Monitor dry cow condition score
With plenty of silage on many farms this winter, there is a danger that dry cows might be overfed, and therefore above target condition scores when calving next spring.
17 December 2014 News
Maximising the lambing percentage in 2015
Its time to start planning to make sure you have a high lambing percentage in 2015
3 September 2014 Breeding & health
Sexed semen has been making headlines but is it ready yet for widespread use?
Calving results for the sexed semen trial carried out last spring are just being finalised this week showing lower conception rates
9 April 2014 Breeding & health
Dairy farming management notes
Time of the year to review where your business is, plan for the next year and complete winter herd health treatments
23 December 2013 Management