Brucellosis testing reduced in beef herds
David Wright
The change is part of a gradual dismantling of brucellosis testing requirements in NI.
26 April 2017 Features
‘Who here wants to take control?’
I still don’t know what the whole thing is about … but I bought a book anyway, writes Irish Mammy.
19 April 2017 News
MEPs propose new supply controls
If adopted, new supply controls to restore market balance would be in place from January 2018.
Grass yield benefits from dock control
Up to 700,000ha of pasture land across the UK is thought to be infected with docks.
22 March 2017 News
Dairy farmers surveyed on supply control
Dairy farmers from across Europe have been asked to complete a survey on the possible need for supply control.
18 May 2016 News
Living with a stammer
This week, Margaret Hawkins hears one reader’s inspiring story about stammering.
21 October 2015 Health
Take care of your diabetes
This week Margaret Hawkins gives some important pointers about correctly testing your diabetes to keep yourself well.
21 January 2015 Health