Watch: DIY - how to make a customised jewellery display
Ilka Denker
Tired of your necklaces getting tangled with the rest of your jewellery? Looking for a display that allows you to organise and put your jewellery on show? Why not make your own, writes Ilka Denker.
21 March 2022 Craft
DIY: budget-friendly home interiors, without getting overwhelmed
There is no better person to help you with DIYing your home interiors than Norma Owens, who has done it all from start to (almost) finish, twice, writes Ilka Denker
7 March 2022 Craft
DIY: five women to follow to get you inspired
As we get set to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8 March, Ilka Denker rounds up some women in the internet sphere who DIY. Let’s celebrate them and get inspired by their craft.
DIY: finding a hobby and sticking with it – a crocheting example
Mirela Moldoveanu chats with Ilka Denker about how she started her crocheting hobby, what she loves about working with wool and how she stuck with a newfound hobby.
28 February 2022 Craft
DIY: how to make a creative prompt box
Want to be more creative, but struggle to find the motivation? Make this prompt box to get the creative juices flowing, writes Ilka Denker.
21 February 2022 Craft
DIY: how to transform your house – a budget-friendly guide
Linda Hayes has put a DIY stamp on every single room in her house, always keeping her budget in mind. She lets Irish Country Living in on how she does it, and how you can too, writes Ilka Denker.
14 February 2022 Craft
DIY: how to give your denims a make-over
Do you have denims that you never wear because you feel like there is something not quite ‘right’ about them? Ilka Denker talks to denim make-over queen Aisling O’Mara for some inspiration.
24 January 2022 Fashion
DIY: how to convert a picture frame into an eco-friendly notice board
Avid to-do list writer, but annoyed by all the papers lying around or looking for a more sustainable way to make your lists? Ilka Denker shows you how to upcycle a picture frame into a notice board.
17 January 2022 Craft
A week in the country with the Irish Country Living team
Find out just what is inspiring the Irish Country Living team this week.
2 December 2020 Features
A week in the Country
Take a look at what is inspiring the Irish Country Living team this week
25 November 2020 Features
Inspirational interiors: "I got that couch in a charity shop for a fiver!"
With most of us spending more time at home, our favourite DIY-ers are giving us a peek inside their houses for inspiration; this time, it’s Aisling Nugent of Vintage Hill Cork, writes Maria Moynihan.
2 September 2020 Features
Being paid to watch paint dry
At The Paint Hub in Carlow, Kate Gaynor is determined that everything she sells does exactly what it says on the tin; and more, writes Maria Moynihan
12 August 2020 Features