Farm Programmes
Newford Farm: 10 week breeding season draws to a close
Darren Carty
From the 82 cows put forward for breeding 61 cows were inseminated once, 19 cows received one repeat insemination and three cows were inseminated on three occasions.
2 July 2022 News
Live exports surpass the 200,000 head mark
Live exports are running 13.5% higher and there have been big changes, including exports to the Netherlands doubling in number while exports to Northern Ireland have almost halved.
1 July 2022 News
Remaining TAMS tranche dates for 2022 released
There will be two more tranches under the current TAMS programme, following the closure of the current tranche on Friday 1 July.
Growvite Vendéen all-Ireland championships
The Noggus flock of Ciaran Coughlan and Quitrent flock of Cheryl O’Brien were the dominant performers claiming the entire male and female titles.
29 June 2022 Pedigree
Sheep Management: cobalt supplementation, selecting replacements and event dates
Research has shown little benefit from supplementing ewes with cobalt but there is marked performance benefits to be attained from supplementing lambs.
29 June 2022 Management
Camera at the Mart: plenty of life in lamb trade in Raphoe
While prices eased by €4 to €6/head on the previous week, agents were keen to get their hands on numbers and this kept a good deal of bite in the trade.
29 June 2022 Markets
14,186 applications submitted to Fodder Support Scheme
Farmers in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon have been quickest off the block, with the number of applications recorded at 1,709, 1,266 and 1,039, respectively.
29 June 2022 Schemes
Sheep Trends: factories gearing up for peak throughput
The Eid al-Adha festival, which takes place from 9 to 13 July, has underpinned the highest levels of throughput in recent years, with the kill recorded at almost 78,000 head in 2021.
29 June 2022 Markets
Sheep Watch: mart trade providing some positives
Many mart managers report that while average prices have eased anywhere from €4 to €7 per head, prices are holding better than anticipated given the reduction in factory quotes.
29 June 2022 Markets
Lessons learned from the SUAS uplands EIP
Experiences from the European Innovation Projects will feed in to the formation of the co-operation projects under the new ACRES agri-environmental scheme.
29 June 2022 News
Sheep price update: mart trade providing more positives
Mart managers are reporting the trade is holding better than expected given the downward pressure on factory lamb quotes, with prices easier by €4 to €6/head on average.
27 June 2022 Markets
UK lamb production up 12% in May
The increase in production was underpinned by lamb throughput increasing by 11% to 924,000 head, while ewe throughput also increased by 5% to reach 82,600.
25 June 2022 Markets