Start planning now to minimise tax bill
Declan McEvoy, head of tax with IFAC Accountants, has some top tips for farmers on how to minimise tax liabilities in a good income year.
7 December 2016 News
Formal Kerry tax bills expected for Christmas
Farmers who received initial queries from Revenue should acknowledge them by this Friday and will have a chance to appeal the tax assessment to follow, IFAC Accountants has advised.
24 August 2016 Management
Planning for the future of your business
Morgan Carty looks at farm succession and talks to Declan McEvoy, head of tax at IFAC, for his expert advice.
Budget 2015: What you need to do now?
Budget 2015 incorporated a significant amount of the recommendations in the Agri-tax Review. Declan McEvoy Head of Tax IFAC National Tax Department looks at what do farmers need to do form a tax p
15 October 2014 News
Tax issues for limited Company transferring entitlements
The change over under CAP reforms has the potential to land farmers moving into Limited companies with large tax bills - Head of Tax Declan McEvoy looks at the options.
9 April 2014 Opinion
Budget 2014: Tax savings action guide for farmers
Declan McEvoy, head of tax at IFAC Accountants, and Joe Lambe, branch manager at IFAC Accountants, Raphoe, highlight areas where planning ahead could save money
23 October 2013 News