Dermot Kelleher to run in local elections
Amy Forde
Former ICSA president joins Independent Ireland and will be a candidate in the local elections in Cork.
17 January 2024 News
Farmers reject Bord Bia cattle buying proposal
Farmers who wish to join the QA scheme should be afforded the “easiest route” possible, IFA's Declan Hanrahan said.
11 January 2024 News
Investigation into Bord Bia QA proposals needed – ICSA
The CCPC needs to investigate recommendations by Bord Bia that Quality Assured (QA) cattle farmers should only buy livestock from other certified QA farms, the ICSA has said.
Department deadlines set for 31 December unrealistic - ICSA
The Department must push back deadlines it set for 31 December until the end of January, as the date is not feasible for farmers, according to the ICSA.
5 January 2024 News
Farm leaders push back against GPS slurry tracker proposals
The Department's nitrates expert group proposed using GPS units to track the movement of slurry during exports.
1 November 2023 News
Farmers must be given automatic right to de-zone land – ICSA
The reality is that many farmers who tried to get de-zoned were turned down, according to Dermot Kelleher.
23 October 2023 News