Don’t underestimate the black stuff
Ciarán Lenehan
Farmers need to get slurry and fertiliser out while ground conditions allow, writes Ciarán Lenehan
9 November 2016 Grass & feeding
Grass+ beef: winter closing is progressing well
At 21kg DM/ha/day, grass growth is still twice the 10-year average for early-November.
13 January 2016 Breeding & health
Improving herd health and maximising weight gain
We look at what Frank and Des Beirne have done on their farm to try to improve herd health.
2015 - mixed year for grass growth
Most farmers found 2015 to be a good grass growing year, but farms in the west had mixed reviews.
25 November 2015 Grass & feeding
BETTER Farm: Farmer focus - Niall Patterson, Leitrim
This week Niall Patterson from Leitrim focuses on calving and supplementation after calving, while Des Beirne looks at bull performance on his farm since the start of the intensive finishing period.
17 December 2014 Management
BETTER Farm: Spring calving cows out at grass in Longford
BETTER Farm participant is busy with spring calving. Cows are going back to grass shortly after calving and slurry has been spread to boost grass growth.
9 April 2014 Management
BETTER Farm programmes: Frank and Des Beirne, Co Longford
Poor ventilation has been a major problem on the Beirne's farm, but using a simple smoke test and removing sheeted tin has resolved the issue.
18 December 2013 Management