Isoclast insecticide gets official approval
Andy Doyle
New insecticides are a rare occurrence so it is good to have isoplast registered for use, even with a limited application window.
3 September 2017 Protection
Isoclast insecticide gets official approval
The long-awaited registration of Isoclast adds another chemical class to our control options.
25 January 2017 Protection
Messages from Greenmount tillage conference
NI and UK farmers will have to option to apply more nitrogen following the revision of their RB209 fertiliser manual.
Listen: new Arylex herbicide active from Dow
The arrival of the new Arylex active is a welcome addition for the control of many ALS resistant weeds.
9 November 2016 Protection
Two new plant protection actives from Dow AgroSciences
The introduction of new plant protection chemistry has become a rare occurrence and Dow AgroSciences are about to launch two in coming years.
8 July 2015 Protection
The growing challenge of evolving weeds
The growing number of ALS resistant weeds in Irish fields means that farmers can no longer depend on SU herbicides to give broad-spectrum weed control.
15 April 2015 Crop protection
Dow AgroSciences appoints new manager for Ireland
William Corrigan has been appointed to the new position of Ireland manager with Dow AgroSciences.
29 January 2014 News
Welcome news for cereal disease control
News of a new fungicide active from a new family of chemistry is welcome for cereal growers.
30 November -0001 Protection
Dow AgroSciences launches two new herbicides
Leystar and Envy can both be used in new sown reseeds and contain a new active ingredient, Florasulam.
30 November -0001 News