Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and weaker
Loneliness can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. To beat it, Dr Mark Rowe advises the prioritisation of people with shared interests, values and attitudes.
8 July 2020 Amii
Pour yourself a cup of ambition
With being a glass-half-full person in general, Amii McKeever looks to the positives to come out of COVID-19 including a new found appreciation for treasures hidden in our own localities.
8 July 2020 Health
Anxiety: the modern day epidemic
One in every nine people will experience anxiety in their lifetime. Dr Mark Rowe writes about therapies and lifestyle changes to address this crippling disorder.
Lifestyle medicine
The coronavirus has not gone away and won't for some time. Dr Mark Rowe gives us his thoughts on how lifestyle medicine can add not only years to your life, but life to your years
3 June 2020 Health
'Social distancing is not emotional distancing'
Research is an important tool which guides our lives in ways we often don't even reaslise. Sometimes the information informs us what to do and sometimes the exact opposite. Amii McKeever writes
29 April 2020 Amii
Lockdown or lock-in: our long-expected incarceration is finally here
Every week we will publish articles to support your mental health during these trying times. The techniques to support that mental health are consistent writes Amii McKeever
1 April 2020 Amii
Health: bouncing back after losing your job
For many, a job forms a core part of their identity. Losing that job can cause significant emotional toll. Dr Mark Rowe outlines some techniques to draw on your resilience if this affects you
1 April 2020 Health
Making 2020 one of your 'best year's
At this time of year many people are thinking and talking about making some lifestyle changes, big or small, generally shaking things up a little. Maybe you are too? Dr Mark Rowe writes.
29 January 2020 Health
Festive tipples and our health
Lets have an open and honest conversation about how much we are drinking and how it may be affecting our health and vitality. Dr Mark Rowe writes
4 December 2019 Health
Backchat: Waterford Writing
The best of Irish and international writing will be celebrated at the Waterford Writers weekend from 7 to 10 May.
22 April 2015 Around the country