Prolonged activity, low rate and more diseases: Adepidyn
Andy Doyle
The advent of Adepidyn will bring another very useful disease control tool to the market, if and when it arrives.
16 June 2021 Husbandry
Tillage Management: getting quickly to the end of the season
Crops have moved quickly through heading and into flowering, making it time for final fungicides on most crops.
Late-season disease control – the route to harvest
The importance of final disease control sprays can vary with the crop but successful ramularia control has become much more complex following the loss of chlorothalonil, writes Tom McCabe of UCD.
Tillage Management: time to consider winter rape desiccation
Prospects of a very early harvest appear to have passed but it will shortly be time to desiccate winter oilseed rape.
24 June 2020 Management
Crop season almost at an end for inputs
Recent rain may bring a new set of challenges, but there is little that one can do to prevent most of them.
17 June 2020 Management
Tillage management: rain would still be welcome but slowly does it
Husbandry of cereal crops is now wrapping up and it has come to a relatively quick end in this highly unusual year.
10 June 2020 Management
Finishing the fungicides program – match risk with potential
While spring wheat and oat crops may still have to get their flag leaf fungicide, decisions have to be made on final sprays. Deirdre Doyle and Steven Kildea of Teagasc discuss the options.
Tillage management: input season quickly swings to an end for many cereals.
Decisions on final fungicides or other inputs must be balanced against the potential of individual crops.
3 June 2020 Management
Tillage Management: most areas get enough rain to relieve drought
Many parts of the country got welcome rain in the past week to relieve dryness pressure but growth has already been impacted in many crops.
27 May 2020 Management
Four new varieties recommended for 2020
The recently published winter cereal recommend lists for 2020 contain four new provisionally recommended varieties – two two-row barleys plus one wheat and one oat variety.
25 September 2019 Crops
The year of the yellow leaves
The prominence of yellow leaves in spring crops, especially in barley, raises concern about our knowledge of the cause and our ability for control BYDV infection in the season ahead.
26 June 2019 Management
Year is moving on as most crops ready for final fungicide
Lower than normal temperatures are slowing recent crop development and this could increase management challenges around earing out and flowering.
12 June 2019 Management