Another big sheep kill on the cards
Darren Carty
With the ending of Ramadan falling in close proximity to the Easter trade factories are happy to continue to operate at high throughput levels to satisfy strong demand.
20 April 2022 Markets
Sheep Trends: focus reverts to Ramadan festival
Buying for the festival will remain strong over the next week and will provide a strong floor under the trade and underpin demand at a time of relatively high levels of throughput.
18 April 2022 Markets
Sheep price update: attention turns to Ramadan
The normal lull in demand which follows the Easter trade should not be as apparent this year given the end of Ramadan is approaching fast at the end of the month.
Sheep trade cools as kill hits 62,000 head
Numbers are still coming strong on to the market and with a lot of buying done for the Easter trade and two shorter weeks' processing demand has steadied.
13 April 2022 News
Sheep Trends: prices steady as kill exceeds 60,000 head
With throughput recorded at close to 62,000 head for last week and high numbers in the market, factories have been able to steady the trade.
13 April 2022 Markets
Sheep Watch: trickier trade as week progresses
The spring lamb and cull ewe trades have witnessed prices easing back on last week’s highs, with purchasing activity for the Easter and Ramadan festivals subsiding.
13 April 2022 Markets
UK lamb prices gaining upward momentum
The SQQ price for hoggets has increased by 7p/kg on the week previous, with demand boosted by the religious festivals of Ramadan and Easter.
9 April 2022 Markets
Cull ewes hit €300 per head
The spring lamb trade has started relatively positively, with lambs averaging from €165 to €180 in marts, but the trade has been overshadowed by heavy cull ewes making €220 to €270 per head.
6 April 2022 Markets
Sheep price update: greater demand for spring lambs
Butchers and wholesalers have started to source spring lambs for the Easter trade while factories are also showing more interest this week.
4 April 2022 Markets
Cow quotes improve on back of strong demand
Adam Woods has news on another positive week for the beef trade.
23 March 2022 News
UK sheep kill up 10% in February
The increase was forecast to occur after throughput in 2021 was recorded at a 10% lower level, giving rise to forecasts of a higher carryover of hoggets into 2022.
12 March 2022 Markets
Sheep Management: reviewing the quality of ewe hoggets and prolapse issues
Demand for hoggets is expected to remain robust over the coming months providing a good outlet to cash in on ewe hoggets that are not likely to meet the grade for breeding.
9 March 2022 Management