Brucellosis testing reduced in beef herds
David Wright
The change is part of a gradual dismantling of brucellosis testing requirements in NI.
10 January 2018 News
Ban PI cattle from factories – UFU
The radical proposal was put to NI meat plant owners earlier this week.
5 April 2017 News
Farmers retaining PIs adds to cost of BVD
Retaining PI calves on farm will only delay the time it takes to achieve BVD-free status in NI.
Farmers slow to cull BVD calves
A significant number of calves persistently infected with BVD are still alive on NI farms.
28 December 2016 News
New plan to cut £1bn bovine TB cost
David Wright reports on the recommendations made by the TB Strategic Partnership Group aimed at eradicating bovine TB in NI.
21 December 2016 News
End point for BVD must remain in sight
The example of the Republic of Ireland would suggest that strong leadership will be required if NI is to eliminate BVD from herds here.
27 July 2016 News
Compulsory BVD tagging from 1 March 2016
Agriculture Minister Michelle O'Neill has finally announced a date for a compulsory BVD eradication scheme to be introduced in NI.
2 December 2015 News
Time to get BVD eradication sorted
Fermanagh farmer John Egerton outlines his frustration that a compulsory BVD eradication scheme is still to be confirmed in Northern Ireland.
18 November 2015 News
BVD loopholes highlighted
Unfortunately, in the third year of the BVD eradication scheme, we are seeing policy loopholes that are enabling the virus to evade us.
18 March 2015 Breeding & health
Is BVD hiding away on your farm?
After a recent case of BVD on his farm, Fermanagh farmer John Egerton urges the farming industry in NI to make BVD eradication a priority in 2015.
7 January 2015 News
Compulsory BVD scheme delayed to 2015
It was widely expected that a compulsory BVD eradication scheme would be in place in NI during 2014, but it now looks as if it could be well into 2015 before the scheme begins.
29 October 2014 News
NI receives brucellosis-free status
The European Commission has approved Northern Ireland’s application for official brucellosis-free (OBF) status.
30 November -0001 News