230% increase in wolf attacks on sheep in Austria
Barry Murphy
EU agriculture ministers have called for a review of the legislation to control the growth in wild carnivore populations in Europe.
27 September 2022 EU
EU farm ministers push against Commission’s 150-cow permit plans
Applying the rules to a farm with 150 cows is "not justified" Ireland told the European Commission on Monday.
23 September 2022 News
Climate action required ‘urgently’ to address impact of Ukraine war – McGuinness
European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness says there are opportunities for member states to address the concerns of agriculture when it comes to the impact of the war in Ukraine.
Ireland opts out of EU biomethane funding
The Department is currently reviewing existing supports under the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat to incentivise the development of anaerobic digesters instead of availing of EU funding.
16 September 2022 News
'Energy supply to the food chain must be prioritised'
Food Drink Ireland director Paul Kelly explains that the current challenges for food processors are very similar to those of food producers.
14 September 2022 News
Time running out for farmer engagement on EU Biodiversity Strategy - INHFA
The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association says immediate engagement is needed on the EU Biodiversity Strategy to avoid a “detrimental impact on thousands of farmers”.
13 September 2022 Climate and environment
Dairy cull cows exposed to welfare issues during transport – report
The European Commission has received a series of recommendations on the welfare of animals during transport which it will now use to inform a review.
7 September 2022 News
Irish pork granted access to South Korea in EU deal - but not poultry
Pigmeat from Ireland and 13 other EU countries has been granted access to the South Korean market.
5 September 2022 Pigs
Green light for new farm schemes
The Commission has approved the plan after adjustments to some schemes were made by the Department.
31 August 2022 News
€9.78bn CAP plan gets Commission approval
The Commission has approved the plan after adjustments to some schemes were made by the Department.
31 August 2022 News
EU planning emergency intervention in electricity market
European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has suggested that emergency measures may be enacted by Brussels amid sharply rising energy costs.
30 August 2022 News
Chinese sheepmeat imports reduce by about 60,000t in 2022
The worrying drop of in the region of 20% in sheepmeat imports is being mainly attributed to prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns, with dairy imports and beef imports also significantly lower.
26 August 2022 Markets