Sheep Trends: prices steady as kill exceeds 60,000 head
Darren Carty
With throughput recorded at close to 62,000 head for last week and high numbers in the market, factories have been able to steady the trade.
11 April 2022 Markets
Sheep trends update: another kill in the region of 60,000 head expected
Throughput at present is running significantly higher than normal, with factories keen to maximise numbers and satisfy firm demand boosted by the religious festivals of Ramadan and Easter.
9 April 2022 Markets
UK lamb prices gaining upward momentum
The SQQ price for hoggets has increased by 7p/kg on the week previous, with demand boosted by the religious festivals of Ramadan and Easter.
Stronger currency driving Brazil price up
Recovery in the value of Brazil’s currency has had the effect of pulling Brazilian beef price up almost €4.20/kg.
30 March 2022 News
Sheep Trends: cull ewes hit top prices of €4/kg
Tight supplies are being compounded by a number of buyers very active in the market for ewes for exporting live and inserting strong competition into the market.
23 March 2022 Markets
British lamb prices increase by 5p/kg
The liveweight price is running over 5p/kg higher week-on-week while the deadweight price is also rebounding following recent price cuts.
28 January 2022 Markets
Sheep Trends: 2021 kill falls by 127,578 head
Hogget throughput fell by almost 95,000 head, ewe and ram throughput was down by over 30,000 head and the lamb kill reduced marginally by over 2,000 head.
5 January 2022 Markets
Sheep Trends: keen appetite driving the trade
Factory prices have steadied somewhat at a strong price point ranging from €7.20/kg to €7.40/kg, while marts are experiencing larger entries which are being met by strong buyer demand.
8 December 2021 Markets
Sheep Trends: prices rebound as kill falls over 5,000 head
Prices have increased by 20c/kg on average since the start of the week, with regular sellers and groups now securing top prices ranging from €7.30/kg to €7.45/kg.
1 December 2021 Markets
Sheep Trends: prices hit €7/kg and motor upwards
Prices have jumped by anywhere from 20c/kg to 35c/kg since the end of last week, meaning top prices sat briefly at €7/kg before quickly rising by another 10c/kg to 20c/kg.
10 November 2021 Markets
Sheep price update: firm appetite setting a strong price point
Deals of €6.50/kg are commonplace, while at the higher end of the market there are infrequent deals being completed at a 5c/kg to 10c/kg higher price.
25 October 2021 Markets
Sterling strengthens against euro
Sterling continues to strengthen as the EU and UK try again to resolve the operation of the NI Protocol.
20 October 2021 News