‘People sometimes stop me when out and about asking, ‘Are you that cowgirl?!’’
Maria Moynihan
In a new series profiling international farmers, Maria Moynihan talks to Becky Houzé, who is the youngest dairy farmer on the island of Jersey.
Katherine's Country: life goes on
It is important to plan for the time when you have to be away from the farm. While navigating grief, Katherine O’Leary realises that life is different and changed.
20 April 2022 Features
Desperate Farmwife: time to start picking out your studs, lads
As calving comes to a close, our Desperate Farmwife's long-misunderstood husband is gearing up for breeding season.
Succession and inheritance: finding a ‘consigliere’
Succession planning is not decided in one family meeting. It is a process that can take a long time to finalise and circumstances change as children get older, writes Paul Keogh.
30 March 2022 Consumer
Top US interiors photographer Jessica Glynn on moving from Florida to Mayo farm
Top interiors photographer Jessica Glynn talks to Maria Moynihan about her move from Florida to the family farm in Co Mayo, as well as her new book.
23 March 2022 Features
Bespoke gifting from a family farm in Co Laois
With her bespoke gifting service, Agnes Maher proves that it’s the thought that really counts, in every sense, writes Maria Moynihan
15 March 2022 Features
‘Women on the farm... they’re the unsung heroes’
From Co Armagh, Majella Gollogly’s passion is rural and community development. She explains how this has manifested itself in a new project for farming women. In conversation with Anne O’Donoghue.
15 March 2022 Features
House in the Country: applying for planning permission in Co Leitrim
In the third instalment of House in the Country, Declan Sweeney from Co Leitrim shares his story of applying for planning permission on the farm.
2 March 2022 Features
The cost of a family home retrofit is as individual as the family itself
Home energy retrofits, prescribed by the Climate Action Plan will predominantly be paid for by home owners. Amii McKeever spoke to David Flannery, senior adviser with Electric Ireland Superhomes.
19 January 2022 Features
From farm fields to international audiences
Folk singer Emer Dunne started off singing on the family farm for the cows, but it wasn’t long before she moved on to international audiences, writes Anne O’Donoghue
19 January 2022 Living Life
Take 10 with food consultant Annie Dunne
From her family farm in Co Cavan to the fresh market hall at Harrods, Annie Dunne has always had a passion for working with Irish food businesses, writes Maria Moynihan.
19 January 2022 Features
Money Mentor: tax, mental health and inheriting a house
This week, Money Mentor Margaret Nolan replies to a reader who is trying to put plans in place to provide for her adult children in her will.
19 January 2022 Money Mentor