Reminder: final day for BPS applications
Barry Murphy
Farmers need to prioritise getting their BPS application submitted before the deadline, with opportunities to amend applications thereafter.
11 May 2022 Schemes
€5m farm environmental study open for applications
The pilot programme offers interested applicants a chance to learn about farmland habitats and includes a farm habitat survey that will record, map and assess habitats.
3 May 2022 News
€20m for project protecting water quality of pristine rivers
Six river catchments have been chosen to participate in the project, which will run until 2028.
Traditional hay meadows should be closed by now
There have been some queries regarding whether the closing date of 15 April had been extended in light of escalating input costs, but this is not the case.
22 April 2022 Schemes
Stricter schemes needed under new CAP
Many farm schemes included in the proposed 2023-2027 CAP strategic plan could see farmer requirements tightened.
13 April 2022 News
The season of scheme deadline dates is here
There are a number of scheme deadline dates over the next two weeks, many of which have been extended from the original deadline.
13 April 2022 Schemes
FAQ: new Multi-Species Sward Measure
With a tight timeframe to apply by 4 April, the Department of Agriculture has released a list of commonly asked questions and answers to help those interested to make up their mind on applying.
28 March 2022 Schemes
Active farmer stocking rate reduces from 0.15LU/ha to 0.1LU/ha
The move to reduce the stocking rate requirement proposed for defining an active farmer reportedly stems from a focus of maintaining a balanced stocking rate in hill and commonage areas.
25 March 2022 Schemes
End-of-year BEAM figures now available on agfood
The figures are available in the deferred nitrates report and inform participants if they have satisfied the scheme requirements of reducing their level of organic nitrogen by 5%.
18 February 2022 Schemes
Measures proposed in new agri-environment scheme
The list of proposed measures major on enhancing soil vegetation cover, capturing carbon, reducing the risk of fires in upland areas and enhancing water quality.
16 February 2022 Schemes
Interest in organics – what questions do you need to ask yourself?
The Department of Agriculture have developed a useful guide on the important aspects producers considering converting to organics need to consider.
11 February 2022 Schemes
Organic scheme priority for dairy, horticulture and tillage farmers
The ranking and selection criteria also includes higher marks for young farmers, larger holdings with a higher stocking rate and mixed farms.
9 February 2022 Schemes