ICMSA sees tight cattle supplies forcing beef quotes up
Noel Bardon
Factories will have to pay more to secure supplies through the winter and early spring, as many farmers are looking to finish cattle off grass later in the spring with meal costs so high, said tICMSA.
23 November 2022 Markets
MartBids Database: feedlot buyers return ringside
Tightening numbers being offered for sale, as well as the return of feedlot and Northern buyers ringside, is playing into the seller’s hand at the moment. Declan Marren reports.
5 November 2022 Management
Five tips for choosing a cattle ration
When buying a ration to feed cattle, do not just opt for the cheapest mix on the market. Outlined are five things to keep in mind.
Beef Management: ration formulation, animal health and CAP questions
This week's Beef Management takes a look at ration formulation on beef farms this winter and previews our next CAP meeting in Carlow.
2 November 2022 Management
Is ad-lib meal feeding still an option in 2022?
Adam Woods takes a look at the economics of ad-lib meal feeding and whether it’s still a runner with meal at €420/tonne.
26 October 2022 Feed
Comparing winter feed strategies on livestock farms
At a recent industry event, the impact of silage quality and concentrate costs was outlined on winter feed plans. Kieran Mailey reports.
12 October 2022 Northern Ireland
Home Farm: planting winter cereals
The year is moving on and the normal settled spell that we usually expect in mid-October is still not in prospect.
12 October 2022 Viewpoints
Efficiency depends on how it is expressed
Depending on how efficiency is expressed, suckler-bred stock are between 20% and 60% more efficient than dairy-sired animals. Declan Marren reports.
5 October 2022 Breeding & health
Barley slips down ration inclusion rate list
The price of rolled barley is seeing it slip down the list of inclusion rates in winter rations at the moment. Declan Marren reports.
5 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Grazing conditions, loading safety and slurry deadlines
This week's Beef Management takes a look at the upcoming slurry and FYM spreading
5 October 2022 Management
Organic farm finishing 1,000 cattle annually
The 950ac unit focuses on producing as much of the feed required as possible within the farm gate.
5 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Grass+ Beef: growth good but stock flying through grass
Another positive week of grass growth right across the country but many farmers are reporting stock moving through grass at quite a rate, making it very difficult to increase the average farm cover.
21 September 2022 Grass & feeding