Kerry IFA calls for ‘reverse’ of leadership’s pay increases
Barry Murphy
IFA members in Kerry feel IFA leaders are paid enough as is and say recent salary increases should be reversed.
21 October 2021 News
IFA hill chair hits out at suckler scheme - and the IFA
Flor McCarthy said that €52m a year for the suckler sector is a disaster.
25 August 2021 News
Kerry branch lodges 'no confidence' motion in IFA treasurer
Castlemaine IFA branch is unhappy with the performance of the association's rules and privileges committee.
Letter: IFA’s use of farmers’ money
"IFA - is the outsourcing of this issue a prudent use of farmers’ money and how much will it cost?" - Derek Deane, beef farmer.
18 August 2021 Letters
IFA 'outsources’ the solution to rule breach row
An informal consultative process is being undertaken by the IFA to identify possible avenues for improving the association’s finances.
4 August 2021 Dealer
Hill farmers concerned about public ignoring countryside code
'We have seen a huge increase in recreational users in recent weeks, as people holiday at home and take advantage of the good weather.'
28 July 2021 Community
Attorney general called in to review walks legislation
Farmers are fearful that the increase in walkers across their land could mean an increase in insurance claims.
28 July 2021 News
Nothing in place to give farmers indemnification for hill walkers - IFA
IFA hill committee chair Flor McCarthy has expressed concerns about recreational users not abiding by the Countryside Code during the recent spell of good weather.
26 July 2021 News
IFA investigates potential rule breaches by CAP policy protest
Flor McCarthy and Derek Deane led a group of farmers to protest outside IFA headquarters last week.
23 June 2021 News
IFA members gather at farm centre to demand change in CAP policy
While the IFA held an official protest in Dublin against the Climate Action Bill, another group of members demanded a change in the association’s CAP policy at IFA headquarters.
16 June 2021 News
Maximum flexibility needed for successful Wild Atlantic Nature Project
An IFA delegation held a meeting this week with the new Wild Atlantic Nature Project and said it has to give farmers maximum flexibility.
26 May 2021 Community
Divided, farmers are weakened
Derek Deane and Flor McCarthy lead criticism of the IFA's performance on CAP, but it's time to close ranks and get an outcome for farmers.
26 May 2021 Dealer