Almost 70,000 drystock farmers apply for Fodder Support Scheme
Noel Bardon
The counties with the highest number of applications were Galway, Mayo, Cork, Roscommon, Clare and Donegal.
29 July 2022 News
Room still left in silage scheme as applications jump 38% in a week
The scheme will pay €1,000 to drystock farmers who saved 10ha of grass as either silage or hay, but applications must be submitted before Tuesday 2 August.
23 July 2022 Schemes
Almost 40,000 farmers apply for €1,000 silage payment
Farmers have until 2 August to submit an application to the €56m Fodder Support Scheme.
22,922 applications to fodder Support scheme
There have been an additional 8,736 applications submitted over the last two weeks.
13 July 2022 Schemes
Over 10,000ha approved for multispecies sward measure
The Department of Agriculture has fallen short of its target of 12,000ha under the multispecies sward measure.
4 July 2022 Schemes
14,186 applications submitted to Fodder Support Scheme
Farmers in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon have been quickest off the block, with the number of applications recorded at 1,709, 1,266 and 1,039, respectively.
29 June 2022 Schemes
Farmers with category one ANC land can now apply for silage scheme
The payment rate under the scheme is €100/ha, with eligible farmers able to receive a maximum payment of up to €1,000.
23 June 2022 Schemes