Sinn Féin introduces bill to ban fracking
David Wright
The proposed legislation would ban inshore fracking for natural gas in NI.
8 July 2020 Opinion
Colm McCarthy: energy policy positions
The natural gas industry in Ireland is bigger than people think. The gas stations generate just over half the total power supplied and gas is the most popular home heating fuel in urban Ireland.
28 August 2019 Letters
Letter: methane emissions wrongly attributed to ruminants.
"Methane emission increases wrongly attributed to ruminants" – Dr. Michael H.B. Hayes, MRIA, University of Limerick
Brass necks and senior hurling
Pat McCormack deemed to have gone over the top in a spat with Mick Wallace about farming's carbon footprint
20 March 2019 Dealer
Scottish Government bans fracking
After years of campaign by ani-fracking groups, the Scottish Government has backed a ban of fracking in the country.
4 October 2017 Scotland
A 10-year view of farming
Those who calmly assess where their comparative advantage lies and develop accordingly, should be able to ride out most storms in bad times and do well on average.
19 July 2017 Opinion
Watch and listen: northwest farmers welcome fracking report
The Oireachtas's Joint Committee on Communications, Climate Action and Environment has come out in support of a ban on fracking.
19 April 2017
When the oil opportunity knocked: Baaken, North Dakota
The arrival of fracking provided a lifeline to urban and rural communities, and farmers, across the Baaken region of North Dakota.
28 December 2016 Crops
Dairy markets will move sideways into 2016
A conference in Maynooth last week heard from various speakers about the outlook for dairy and grain markets as well as currency exchange rates.
18 November 2015 News
AgBiz report: Changing face of energy supply
Fracking is changing the face of oil supply around the world and has caused the price of oil to fall over 50% since last year.
Fracking is divisive in Oz too
John Shirley reports on how fracking for gas is a controversial issue in Australia.
18 February 2015 World
As oil slips will agri-commodities stay afloat?
Falling oil prices may appear at first glance good news for farmers. But as Eoin Lowry outlines, inter-relationships make the situation complex.
10 December 2014 International