Germans lead the way on global milk price
Jack Kennedy
Irish processors are having a good year, how do we rate now compared with global price?
19 July 2017 Dealer
What’s a farmer?
Mentions of the word farmer are few and far between in Glanbia's annual report, the Dealer notes.
19 July 2017 Companies
Milk Review – focus on FrieslandCampina
FrieslandCampina is focusing its marketing on cows grazing outdoors and paying a 1.5cpl bonus for doing so.
Trading at China Huishan Dairy suspended
Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has ordered an indefinite suspension of all trading in China Huishan Dairy Holdings ltd.
17 May 2017 News
Milk league: co-ops under pressure as international prices jump
With international prices jumping skyward the pressure mounts on co-ops ahead of November.
7 December 2016 Markets
The new quota for Dutch dairy farmers
A Dutch industry grouping have agreed to limit livestock production, effectively limiting the dairy sector growth plans, writes Jack Kennedy.
30 November 2016 Grass & feeding
Dutch farmers must cut dairy herd by 8%
A Dutch government quota system for phosphate allocations has been rejected by the European Commission as unlawful.
29 October 2016 Markets
Milk prices have bottomed out – FrieslandCampina
The Dutch dairy co-op has seen profits fall 17% in the first half of the year as a result of weak dairy markets.
7 September 2016 International
Asia offers opportunity but it is not plain sailing
Irish Farmers Journal editor Justin McCarthy looks at Ireland's trade mission to Asia and what needs to happen for farmers.
7 September 2016 Editorial
Analysing our international dairy competition
In a year of falling dairy commodity prices, many international dairy processors were able to maintain profit margins due to strong brands.
13 July 2016 International
Further May price cuts announced
Four of the leading co-ops announce price cuts for May, with GII's base price now 19c/l.
15 June 2016 News
Dairy trends: Signs of positive swing in dairy markets at last
Lower than expected milk volumes and expectations that grain price will rise are driving global dairy markets up. Reports this week from the UK and the US suggest milk prices are taking a turn upwards
15 June 2016 Markets