GM crop production expanding amid food security concerns
Andy Doyle
It seems that many different countries around the world are now opting to embrace GM crop production in the face of food security concerns
20 July 2022 Dealer
Sectoral target debate heats up with the weather
While a Europe-wide heatwave provides unavoidable and compelling evidence of climate change, the debate around how farming evolves is also hotting up.
30 June 2022 News
Tillage Podcast: clarity on stubble needed and positive response to blackgrass
This week, Andy Doyle and Siobhán Walsh discuss what's happening in the fields, how clarity is needed on new regulations and gene editing.
Crop gene editing: is Europe lagging behind?
Scientists at a University College Cork symposium on the use of gene editing in agriculture criticised the EU for its lack of ambition on the matter.
23 June 2022 News
Gene editing ‘latest tool in the toolbox’ for tillage farmers
A European plant-breeding expert has warned that crop gene editing will be needed to counteract tillage output decreases created by the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy.
23 June 2022 News
Inform your decision on gene editing at Cork event
UCC will host an event where farmers, consumers and researchers can come together to discuss new genomic techniques ahead of submitting to the EU consultation on the matter.
5 June 2022 News
EU consultation on gene editing open
The consultation opened on 29 April and it will close on 22 July 2022. It can be filled out online.
1 June 2022 News
It's time to grasp the GM nettle
With inputs increasingly scarce and expensive, it's time to revisit the ban on the production of genetically modified crops
25 May 2022 Dealer
A year like no other before
Escalating costs in a war-torn Europe should prompt a rethink on how EU policies have shaped our agriculture and our real concerns for food security.
13 April 2022 Crop protection