Holidaying at home in 2022? Get off the well-trodden path for a bit if you can
Amii McKeever
Social enterprises - businesses with more than money on their minds - are affecting society for the better. Keep an eye out for them as you holiday at home this year, writes Amii McKeever,
9 March 2022 Amii
Hope is not a strategy when it comes to our most basic need – food!
Commentary about food security, not heard in decades, is a topic of everyday conversation. Ireland was the ‘most secure’ in peacetime but how does she fair in war?
2 February 2022 Consumer
Consumer Watch: Sky-high prices of our energy bills
Last week, the Government announced that every household would get €100 towards their electricity bills by the end of March. And with price hikes averaging €870 last year, it is much needed.
Support required to avoid pitfalls of long-standing cheap food policy
The gap between what consumers say they will do and what they will pay for is narrowing but farmers can’t carry the full environmental cost while others take their time to commit.
2 February 2022 Amii