Grass+ dairy: growth rates drop as October moves in
Aidan Brennan
Grass growth rates are set to drop over the coming weeks as nights get longer and colder, write Aidan Brennan and Martin Merrick.
28 September 2022 Management
Grass+ Beef: farm covers peak as growth set to decline
The average farm cover is set to peak this week, with cooler temperatures and shortening daylight hours set to affect grass growth.
26 September 2022 Management
Dairy management: when to start closing paddocks for winter
With just six or seven weeks left in the grazing year, Aidan Brennan takes a look at when farmers should be closing up paddocks for the winter.
Lamb slaughter performance recovers on Tullamore Farm
The average kill-out of 30 lambs drafted on Thursday 22 September was 44.8% compared with just 42.2% for the last batch slaughtered on 1 September 2022.
24 September 2022 Tullamore Farm
Grass growth recovers but deficits remain
Aidan Brennan catches up with three farmers from Carlow, Kerry and Limerick to see what has happened to grass growth since the rain came earlier this month.
21 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Beef Management: BDGP heifer sales, weaning and grass supplies
This week's Beef Management takes a look at getting weaning right, managing grass supplies and profiles some upcoming BDGP sales.
21 September 2022 Management
Grass+ Beef: growth good but stock flying through grass
Another positive week of grass growth right across the country but many farmers are reporting stock moving through grass at quite a rate, making it very difficult to increase the average farm cover.
21 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Dairy Management: bloat, fertiliser and managing nitrate bands
With lots of lush grass high in clover content now is a high risk time for bloat.
21 September 2022 Management
Growth rates rebound as silage is dropped
Grass growth rates are on the up and while average farm cover is still behind target, many farmers are able to drop silage from the diet.
21 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Grass growth in Waterford down by 18%
The dry summer was bad news for farmers in the south-east, but good news for those in the west, where growth rates have been good.
21 September 2022 News
Autumn liming to drive spring grass growth
It can take four to six months from spreading ground limestone to correct soil pH, so an autumn lime application is best to drive grass growth next spring.
20 September 2022 Management
Growth rates hitting peak performance
Grass growth rates are hitting 70kg per day on many farms as the recovery from the dry spell continues.
17 September 2022 Management