Target early herbicide for general weed control
Andy Doyle
Weed control has been pushed towards pre-emerge treatment to tackle grass weeds. There are many pre-emerge options for wheat but fewer for the other cereals, write Andy Doyle and Stephen Robb.
4 August 2021
Grain crops: thinking about variety and seed
Our crop production system remains dependent on the identification of superior varieties and the constant supply of high-quality seed.
21 July 2021 Husbandry
Tillage Management: harvesting ease in hot dry conditions
The recent spell of hot dry weather has kick started winter barley harvest right across the country.
Watch: grassweed resistance on the rise – what can I do?
With many grassweeds now building up resistance to commonly used chemistry, we ask what can growers do?
15 July 2021 Husbandry
Tillage Management: ripening slowed by variable weather
This is a critical time of year to check for the presence of grass weeds and this is key to all further action.
7 July 2021 Husbandry
‘Get out there and walk your crops’
Vigilance is key to stopping problems from entering your land and definite action is needed if any grass weed problem occurs.
7 July 2021 Husbandry
Grass weed challenges increase as resistance expands
As we witness the expanding footprint of troublesome grass weeds we are also witnessing increasing problems with herbicide resistance, write Vijaya Bhaskar A.V. Dermot Forristal and Michael Hennessy.
30 June 2021
Tillage Management: most crops have received full programme of inputs
With problems becoming more obvious, it is good practice to document and record what is in your fields for attention in the future.
30 June 2021 Husbandry
Watch back: highlights from Crops 2021 in Oak Park
This week, hundreds of tillage farmers will descend on the Teagasc Crops Research Centre in Oak Park, Co Carlow.
28 June 2021 News
Time to tackle grassland weeds at the optimum growth stage
In a year like we are currently experiencing, with lower than normal grass growth rates, there is a greater risk of weeds establishing or gaining a greater foothold in the sward.
Keep canary grass under control or it could be costly
Lesser canary grass is turning into a serious problem in some areas, particularly where spring barley is common and continuous.
12 April 2021 Crop protection
The challenges of herbicide-resistant grass weeds
Grass weeds are a growing problem in tillage fields and herbicide resistance is adding massively to the extent of those challenges, writes Vijaya Bhaskar of Teagasc.
11 April 2021 Crop protection