Letter re: farm placements for young farmers
Letters to the Editor
"We want to encourage aspiring farmers to go to agriculture college and make it an enjoyable, worthwhile experience." - Michael O'Dowd, IFA Dairy Chairman for Kerry
12 May 2022 News
Trainee farmers getting ‘raw deal’ on minority of host farms – ICSA
The Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers Association (ICSA) is calling on Teagasc to ensure young trainee farmers participating in Green Cert placements are not doing 'pure manual work'.
27 April 2022 Features
‘Maybe I will start a grass measuring business’
Although not fully ‘horse’ retired, ex-jockey Pat Collins’s day job is now grass measurement –alongside dairy calf to beef and tillage farming. He speaks to Amii McKeever about keeping all the balls in the air.
Letter to the Editor: student experience at Gurteen College
"I would give my few days in Gurteen a decent Tripadvisor rating" - farmer in training, by email.
20 April 2022 Letters
Farmers and their photoshoots
The Dealer says classified sites and social media are full of heifers striking a pose these days. One wonders what makes a perfect shot.
15 March 2022 News