Farm Programmes
Greenfield update: changing milk liners and increasing growth
Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy gives an update from the Greenfield Dairy Programme farm in Kilkenny.
31 December 2014
Greenfield: A look back at 2014 on the Kilkenny farm
2014 was an excellent year for growth and milk prices at the Greenfield Dairy Programme in Kilkenny.
8 May 2013 Management
The milk price and feed cost seesaw
At last there is enough feed to allow unrestricted grazing and close up 20ha for first cut silage. Jack Kennedy reports
April starts with little feed on farm
The milking cows were weighed and condition scored last Friday in Kilkenny. The herd average body condition score 2.8 and the average weight of the 305 milking cows is 420kg.
3 April 2013 Management
Milk flowing but grass slowing
Milk production is ahead of budget but grass supply is tightening fast on the Greenfield farm in Kilkenny. Jack Kennedy reports
6 March 2013 Management
Slurry and grazing relief in Waterford
With 2013 calving in full swing, Jack Kennedy spoke to Daniel O’Donnell this week about plans and changes after a wet 2012
6 March 2013 Management
Stand-off pad improves drainage
Plans are in place in Greenfield Kilkenny to calve 200 cows in February, I met up with farm staff Michael Long and Tom Lyng to talk about their plans for this.
30 January 2013
Large-scale expansion no gravy train
James and Sinead Walsh are farming an excellent 74ha (182-acre) grazing block on the outskirts of Carrick-on-Suir, in South Tipperary.
26 December 2012 Management
Greenfield Kilkenny – update
The milking year has come to an end in Kilkenny. Cows went on once a day (OAD) milking in mid-November as they grazed the last of the paddocks.
12 December 2012 Management
Farmer writes: Clover is rocket fuel for lambs
John Shirley regards clover as rocket fuel for getting lambs to thrive. Scientists too tell us that lambs on a diet high in clover have a stronger immune system and have greater resistance to worms.
30 November -0001 Farmer Writes
Video: Update on the Greenfield Dairy Programme
Dairy specialist Jack Kennedy gives us an update on the Teagasc Greenfield Dairy Programme in Kilkenny.
30 November -0001 News
Greenfield update: spike in somatic cell count
Jack Kennedy gives an update from the Greenfield Dairy Programme farm in Kilkenny.
30 November -0001 Greenfield Farm