Irish Horse
Grief in a time of horses
Helen Sharp
In part two of product designer Louisa Williams’ story, she opens up to Helen Sharp about how horses helped her through the loss of her husband.
Katherine's Country: surgery and tragedy
Katherine O'Leary writes about the strange experience of surgery during COVID-19 restrictions, while a neighbouring family have been plunged into grief following a tragic accident.
23 August 2017 Katherine O'Leary
Life’s ups & downs
Hollywood came good for Diarmuid after all. Even so, the grief of loosing our good friend clouded my every thought, writes Katherine O’Leary
Making a difficult decision
New columnist Maura McElhone talks about the difficulty of facing a positive BVD result
20 January 2016 Modern Farmette
Coping with grief at Christmas
Christmas can be a difficult time for many people, but particularly for those who are recently bereaved, writes Margaret Hawkins.
16 December 2015 Health
My father has a new flame less than a year after mam's death
Dear Miriam: My mother is not buried a year, but my father already has a new flame!
4 March 2015 Features
My mother is not buried a year, but my father already has a new flame
This week, the “Dear Miriam” column has received a letter from a woman who is concerned about her father’s new relationship less than a year after the death of her mother.
30 November -0001 Blog
Anne Bennett Brosnan on saying goodbye to loved ones.
Funerals are never easy, writes Anne Bennett Brosnan, but at least there can be solace in memories.
30 November -0001 Blog