Watch: how to stomach-tube a calf
Peter Varley
Vet Donal Lynch talks to Peter Varley about best practice when stomach-tubing a newborn calf with colostrum.
18 October 2017 BETTER Farm
Challenging our BETTER beef farmers
Ciarán Lenehan gives an update on the challenge aspect of the BETTER farm beef programme.
4 October 2017 Scotland
Waste not, want not for the Presleys at Wardford
When it comes to maximising output from a farm’s limited resources there are few that do it better than Colin Presley, writes Barry Cassidy.
Design your livestock handling unit with safety in mind
There are many different design aspects which can be added to your handling facilities to ensure the quick and safe management of cattle
30 August 2017 Animal Health
Watch: Bang for buck with this combined dairy unit
Cubicle shed, dairy parlour and handling unit were all put under one roof to reduce costs, writes Peter Varley.
22 March 2017 Video
Watch: Handling made simple for large suckler herd
William Conlon visited a state of the art cattle handling unit in Wicklow, built to make cattle handling safer and more efficient
28 December 2016 Farm buildings
Watch: four-bay dairy calf to beef shed
This shed was designed to cater for both young calves at rearing and older weanlings during different times of the year, writes Peter Varley.
14 December 2016 Farm buildings
Watch: Suckling made simple with three-bay cattle shed
A well-thought-out suckler shed in Galway will take a lot of hassle out of calving and handling cows, writes Peter Varley
26 October 2016 Video
Farmer Writes: a bad workman always blames his tools
Brian Nicholson and his reseeded ground have welcomed the recent rain, while Brian's son Drew enjoyed the sight of a cement truck in the yard.
24 August 2016 Farmer Writes
New automatic drafting unit on the market
This new drafting unit was designed for effecient cow flow.
24 August 2016 Farm buildings
Watch: Curved cattle handling unit is safer and quicker
Handling cattle can be a dangerous and time-consuming task, so ensuring that your handling unit is up to the job should be every farmer's priority.
24 August 2016 Buildings
Back injuries high on list of sheep-handling related issues
Breeding preparations can be linked to a number of health and safety risks.
20 July 2016 Sheep breeding