Buyer's guide: automated heat and health detection aids
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan outlines the key considerations when purchasing an automated heat and health detection system.
15 November 2022 Management
Watching for repeats with autumn breeding
Keeping an eye out for cows coming back in heat is crucial where breeding has started in autumn-calving herds.
19 October 2022 Liquid Milk
Bull selection in autumn herds
With the breeding season just around the corner for autumn calving herds, here iss some advice for farmers picking AI bulls.
Devil in the detail as autumn breeding starts
Adam Woods previews this week’s special autumn breeding focus.
28 September 2022 Winter AI
Underpasses and cow collars in new TAMS
The new TAMS scheme is set to give grant aid for the installation of underpasses, roadways and automated heat detection aids on dairy farms.
21 September 2022 News
10 tips to using AI in autumn calving herds
Autumn calving naturally lends itself to using AI when breeding. Outlined are 10 tips to get the most from AI.
21 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Breeding and genetics central in Tullamore Farm plan
Adam Woods takes a look at the Tullamore Farm breeding plan and highlights some of the key principles used on the farm.
20 July 2022 Breeding & health
Keep an eye on cows for signs of repeat breeding
Suckler cows served in early June that did not hold to service will come back in heat over the coming days. Herd owners should be watching to see how many animals repeat.
21 June 2022 Management