Know your summer dosing regimen
Adam Woods
Natascha Meunier from Animal Health Ireland takes a look at some animal health tips for June on livestock farms.
11 June 2022 Management
Five tips for worm control in cattle
When worming cattle, outlined are some tips that will help achieve effective parasite control.
7 June 2022 Management
Keeping flies under control in autumn-calving herds
Early summer is a period when an increasing fly activity puts dry cows at risk of summer mastitis.
Pneumonia alert in spring-born calves
Changeable weather has seen a rise in the number of farmers dealing with pneumonia problems in calves.
31 May 2022 Management
TB - a strategy eight years in the making
The DAERA TB strategy published at the end of March 2022 sets out the next steps towards eradication of the disease in NI.
6 April 2022 News
Valentine’s Day Limousins in Dungannon
The British Limousin Cattle Society is holding its annual February bull and female sale at Dungannon Farmers Mart on Monday 14 February 2022.
2 February 2022 Pedigree
Five tips on stock bull purchase
Adam Woods takes a look at five tips on purchasing pedigree stock bulls ahead of the busy bull sale season.
2 February 2022 Breeding & health