Home Farm: rapid grass recovery
Matt Dempsey
We hadn’t intended to take a big second cut but grass recovery has been so rapid, with a combination of rain and reasonable heat, that we have closed up some extra ground.
29 June 2022 Viewpoints
Home Farm: meeting terms and conditions
On the cattle side, cutting the first cut that bit later and the high cost of fertiliser has meant that we wanted to make as much use of the slurry as we could.
22 June 2022 Viewpoints
Home Farm: time to make hay with settled weather ahead
With the last spell of good growth, covers are too high in the paddocks we are turning cattle into.
Home Farm: knowing the beef sire
Our best laid plans to have the first cut silage over and done by this stage have come unstuck because of the weather.
1 June 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: Silage and a plant out of place
The wet broken May has given us what looks like good crops for the first cut silage.
25 May 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: visits from officialdom
“Getting a qualified electrician in today’s market to certify other people’s work is proving more difficult than you might imagine.”
18 May 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: decisions to make on first cut silage
We are looking at vastly increased costs of producing the crops for the forthcoming harvest than was ever the case.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: Growth explosion expected
The beans are already showing the effects of the rain, with the field now a uniform green.
4 May 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: important paperwork complete
The effects of front loading, convergence and young farmer deductions really hit me.
27 April 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: Beans start to emerge
With costs so high this year, we have, at present prices, no option but to attempt to maximise yield.
20 April 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: poor clover growth
The long dry spell of frosty nights and northeast winds has left the grassland recovering very slowly after the first grazing which we took in early March.
13 April 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: to grow or to trade
While fertiliser prices have risen enormously, there is nothing we, as farmers, can do about it. We either pay the price or we do without.
6 April 2022 Opinion