Three Dublin girls working to save the ash tree
Barry Murphy
Three Ballbriggan students discovered that the application of some plant hormones can control the growth of the fungus that causes ash dieback.
30 December 2022 News
Remarkable US beef exports to China in 2022
Growing demand for beef in China continues to drive import demand, with the US benefiting most in 2022.
24 November 2022 News
99.9% of meat and milk free from illegal residue in 2021
Testing of some 15,922 food-producing animal samples in 2021 found that just 18 were identified as being non-compliant with illegal residues.
Legal ruling wont effect operation of CETA
CETA, the trade deal between the EU and Canada, was controversial with EU farmers when it was agreed in 2016, but has had a positive effect so far.
16 November 2022 News