NI climate summit before crunch vote
Peter McCann
Crucial amendments to the Northern Ireland Executive’s climate bill are expected to be tabled at Stormont in the coming days.
2 June 2021 Features
'Seven John Jordan’s would be pretty boring'
Although most people accept that diversity and inclusion makes business sense, Ornua CEO John Jordan has his own specific thoughts on its importance to agribusiness, writes Amii McKeever.
2 June 2021 Features
Talk to people, buy more kettles
For Louise Grubb, founder of TriviumVet, role models, communications and giving people a chance are the best ways of building culture. And kettles of course, kettles are key, writes Amii McKeever
Watch back: Bridging the Gap: diversity, inclusion and equality
Bridging the Gap is an event on diversity, inclusion and equality; brought to you by the Irish Farmers Journal and Ornua.
12 May 2021 News
Watch back: Gorman and Kehoe debate farming’s big issues
Francie Gorman and James Kehoe face off on Wednesday night in an IFA election debate brought to you by the Irish Farmers Journal.
9 December 2020 News
Watch: Farm Tech Talk - the Livestock Show
This week we talk milk flows in New Zealand, skinny continentals and rising meal prices.
4 December 2020 News
Listen: Farm Tech Talk - the Livestock Show podcast
Late November actions in the sheds and livestock markets across the country with the livestock specialists.
28 November 2020 News
Watch: Farm Tech Talk - the Livestock Show
It's the last week in November, but there is lots happening in markets and also on-farm issues that need attention.
27 November 2020 News
Watch back: milk price review webinar
Over the last number of weeks, we have published a number of articles on milk price and co-op financial performance.
26 November 2020 News
Dairy Day: highlights from virtual event
Jack Kennedy, Aidan Brennan and Stephen Connolly review Dairy Day 2020 – the virtual edition.
25 November 2020 Dairy Day
Dairy Day 2020: what to expect
Aidan Brennan outlines what farmers can expect to see from Dairy Day which takes place on Tuesday 24 November.
23 November 2020 Dairy Day
Get set for virtual Dairy Day next Tuesday
Next Tuesday is busy on the dairy airwaves, with lots of shows highlighting what farmers are doing around the country, writes Jack Kenendy.
22 November 2020 Markets