Northern Ireland
Mystery shopper on hunt for NI beef and lamb
David Wright
Mystery shopper analysis is conducted every month for the Livestock and Meat Commission
21 June 2023 News
Iceland frozen by food product recall
Order for the withdrawal of frozen food was last straw for struggling retailer.
21 June 2023 News
Receiver appointed to operator of Iceland stores
Foods of animal origin or any food products that contain ingredients that come from an animal, such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and so on, are all part of the recall.
Examiner appointed to Iceland retailers by High Court
The retailer has got into difficulties due to factors, including a recent order served on it by the FSAI requiring it to withdraw all imported frozen food of animal origin. Aodhán Ó Faoláin reports.
21 June 2023 News
Iceland food recall shows traceability system is working - Heydon
Minister of State Martin Heydon said the large imported meat recall involving Iceland stores demonstrates that the country’s food traceability and safety system is working.
16 June 2023 News
Iceland ordered to remove frozen meat, fish and dairy products from stores
The FSAI found that there was inadequate evidence of traceability of imported frozen food of animal origin found in Iceland supermarkets in Ireland since 3 March 2023.
15 June 2023 News