Underinsurance the big fear of 2022
Jack Kennedy
What should farmers be doing when renewing farm insurance policies now that building costs are skyrocketing and stock values are up considerably.
22 June 2022 News
Hygeia living with Brexit
What Brexit means for an Irish company in west of Ireland trading with Britain and Northern Ireland.
22 June 2022 Insurance
What do you need to do now if you are underinsured?
With big changes in stock values and farm buildings getting much more expensive as the price of steel soars, what do farmers need to do when renewing policies? Jack Kennedy reports.
What’s happening in the Irish farm insurance market?
With all costs rising and more and more competition in the farm insurance market, farm owners are looking at what options are available and where they can get the best value for money in insurance.
22 June 2022 Insurance
Banking and dairy farm development very much interlinked
Changing the goalposts for farm families can be fundamentally difficult, as the farming lifecycle is slow to change given what's involved.
19 June 2022 News
Watch or listen: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
With drizzle in the west but the sun still shining in the south and east, already some farms have much-reduced grass growth rates - what can farmers do?
17 June 2022 News
Strathroy removes milk supply curbs
Strathroy has proposed a two-tier milk pricing model from March to June to cope with additional milk supplies at peak.
17 June 2022 News
May milk cheques to surpass €40,000
As milk suppliers move through peak milk supply, the rising milk price is improving returns to dairy farmers across the country.
15 June 2022 News
Dairy Trends: supply still forcing buyers on to market
With commodity dairy prices continuing to increase as milk supply remains tight, buyers are struggling to stand back from the market.
15 June 2022 Global trade
Milk price forecast stays high
With further supply restrictions on the cards in many European countries, as long demand remains high, it looks like milk price will stay at a higher level.
15 June 2022 Global trade
Dutch ministers say some farms will have to close down
A much-anticipated meeting of the Dutch farming ministers late last week has left Dutch farmers shell-shocked and angry.
12 June 2022 Global trade
Watch: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
Heading for the middle of June and mixed weather is improving grass growth around the country, despite some farms still being very dry in the east of the country.
10 June 2022 News